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[Andersen, Temple Bar: A London Magazine for Town and Country Readers. [Andersen, Hans Christian / Erckmann-Chatrian / Barham, Richard Harris / Mrs. Edwardes / etc. ] Temple Bar: A London Magazine for Town and Country Readers. Collection of a run of nineteen (19) Volumes bound in seventeen (17) Volumes of this famous Victorian periodical. The Volumes include some important contributions like: Hans Christian Andersen – A Visit to Charles Dickens / Anthony Trollope – The American Senator / John Sheehan – A Ghostly Night at Ballyslaughter / William Gilbert – The Landlord of “The Sun” / Emily Eden – Letters from India / H. Cholmondeley-Pennell – The Rose of Ettrick / etc. etc. The Volumes included in this collection are: Volume No. XXXI (March 1871) / Volume No. XXXII (July 1871) / Volume No. XXXIII (November 1871) / Volume No. XXXIV (March 1872) / Volume No. XXXV (July 1872) / Volume No. XXXVIII (July 1873) / Volume No. XXXIX (November 1873) / Volume XL (March 1874) / Volume XLI (July 1874) / Volume XLII (August to November 1874) / Volume XLIII (December 1874 to April 1875) / Volume XLIV – (May 1875 to August 1875 / Volume XLV – (September 1875 – November 1875) [Bound with Volume 44] /Volume XLVI ( January 1876 to April 1876) / Volume XLVII (May 1876 to August 1876) / Volume XLVIII (September 1876 to November 1876) [Bound with Volume 47 / Volume XLIX (January 1877 to April 1877) / Volume L (May 1877 to August 1877) / Volume LI (September 1877 to November 1877) // London, Richard Bentley, 1871 – 1877. Octavo. More than 7500 pages. Original half leather with gilt lettering on spine. The bindings with two exceptions in excellent and firm condition. Two Volumes with damages to the spine. Interior very good with only four pages loosened and a few occasional tears; one corner torn out but still available. A rare long run of this extremely rare decade of the magazine with publications of Trollope and Andersen !

Includes for example the following essays: Stray Thoughts on Coming Political and Social Upheaval /

Temple Bar was a literary periodical of the mid and late 19th and very early 20th centuries (1860–1906). The complete title was Temple Bar – A London Magazine for Town and Country Readers. It was initially edited by George Augustus Sala, and Arthur Ransome was the final editor before it folded, while he developed his literary career. It was also edited by Mary Elizabeth Braddon.
Temple Bar was founded a year after the first publication of William Thackeray’s The Cornhill Magazine, by one of Charles Dickens’ followers, Sala, who promised his readers that the periodical would be “full of solid yet entertaining matter, that shall be interesting to Englishmen and Englishwomen…and that Filia-familias may read with as much gratification as Pater or Mater-familias”, appealing to a solid, literate middle-class. A rather congratulary review of the arrival of the impending publication appeared in the New York Times in October 1860 saying that it promised “The name is a happy one; pregnant with good things and seasoned with the promise of Attic salt”.
It sold for about one shilling, and was one of the leading literary magazines of the era. 553 issues were published – up to 1906, about one a month. It published work by writers such as Amy Levy, Jane Austen, Wilkie Collins, Charles Reade, Robert Louis Stevenson, Anthony Trollope, Arthur Conan Doyle, E. F. Benson and Jessie Fothergill. Initially the magazine achieved a circulation of some 30,000 which eventually settled at around the 13,000 mark in the late 1860s. In 1868 Bentley’s Magazine was merged into it. By 1896 circulation had dropped to about 8,000. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: 19th Century, 19th century Literary Periodical, 19th Century Literature, Magazine, Victorian Art, Victorian Fiction, Victorian Literature

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Benson, The Freaks of Mayfair. Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic). The Freaks of Mayfair. With illustrations by George Plank. London, The Folio Society, 2009. 15 x 23 cm. vii, 148 pages. Original Hardcover with protective slip-in case. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, 20th Century Literature, English Literature

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Brontë, Jane Eyre. Brontë, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. Edited by Margaret Smith, with an introduction and revised notes by Sally Shuttleworth. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000. 13 x 19.5cm. (51), 488 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear. [Oxford World’s Classics].

Includes: Introduction / Textual Note / Bibliography / Chronology / Appendix: Opinions of the Press / Explanatory Notes

Jane Eyre is a novel of passion – of anger, defiance and of overwhelming desire. No novel, before or since, has caught so precisely the complex emotions of childhood, where feelings of powerlessness can mix with rage, and a bitter sense of injustice. From the early scenes, where Jane is locked in the red room and learns to defy her aunt, through the oppresive regime of Lowood School, we follow the turbulent swell of Jane’s feelings and her psychological struggles into adulthood.
Drawing on feminist and post-colonial theory, and Victorian medical writings on the female mind and body, Sally Shuttleworth’s introduction to this edition places Jane Eyre firmly within the context of 19th century political and social culture. The text is that of the authoritative Clarendon edition. [From jacket notes]

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, British Author, British Literature, classics, English Authors, English Literature, Victorian Literature

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Brontë, The Professor. Brontë, Charlotte. The Professor. London, Penguin Books, 1995. 11 x 18cm. 256 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition. [Penguin Popular Classics].

The Professor was the first novel by Charlotte Brontë. It was originally written before Jane Eyre and rejected by many publishing houses, but was eventually published posthumously in 1857 by approval of Charlotte’s husband, Arthur Bell Nicholls, who accepted the task of reviewing and editing of the novel. The novel is based upon Charlotte Brontë‘s experiences in Brussels, where she studied as a language student and was a teacher in 1842. Much of the subject matter of The Professor was later reworked, from the perspective of a female teacher, into Brontë‘s novel Villette, which received critical acclaim.

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, British Author, British Literature, Fiction, Literature

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Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese. Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Sonnets from the Portuguese. Limited Facsimile Edition of the British Library Manuscript. New York, Imprint Society, 1977. 15.5 cm x 23.5 cm. XX, 90 pages. Original Hardcover. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes an introduction by William S. Peterson.

″Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a prolific writer and reviewer in the Victorian period, and in her lifetime, her reputation as a poet was at least as great as that of her husband, poet Robert Browning. Some of her poetry has been noted in recent years for strong feminist themes, but the poems for which Elizabeth Barrett Browning is undoubtedly best know are Sonnets from the Portuguese. Written for Robert Browning, who had affectionately nicknamed her his “little Portuguese,” the sequence is a celebration of marriage, and of one of the most famous romances of the nineteenth century. Recognized for their Victorian tradition and discipline, these are some of the most passionate and memorable love poems in the English language. There are forty-four poems in the collection, including the very beautiful sonnet, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”” (Amazon)

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, British Literature, Poetry, Victorian Literature

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Byron, Selected Poems. Byron, George Gordon. Selected Poems. New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1993. 13 x 21cm. (6), 106 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition. [Dover Thrift Editions, Editor: Stanley Appelbaum].

This collection, richly varied in mood and content, captures the essence of Byron’s great poetic achievement. Among the 31 selections are convivial song-like poems, love poems, travel poems, humorous and satiric poems. Included are shorter works such as the famous “She Walks in Beauty,” “Stanzas to Augusta” and “So We’ll Go No More a Roving,” as well as longer works: “The Prisoner of Chillon,” “Beppo,” and “The Vision of Judgment,” all unabridged. Also here are lyrics excerpted from Don Juan, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and the play Manfred. Includes explanatory footnotes. [From jacket notes]

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, Anthology, British Literature, Byron, Poems, Poet, Poetry

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Chambers, Matthew Arnold. Chambers, Sir Edmund. Matthew Arnold. First Edition. London, Oxford University Press, 1932. 8°. 25 Pages. Original printed wrappers, stringbound (softcover). Good condition. Signs of wear – wrappers chipped and bumped. Some underlining and pencil markings within. [From the Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol. XVIII.]

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, British Academy, Critcism, English Poetry, Lectures, Literary Criticism, Literary Studies, offprint

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Chopin, The Awakening and Other Stories. Chopin, Kate. The Awakening and Other Stories. Edited with an introduction and notes by Pamela Knights. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000. 13 x 19.5cm. (60), 410 pages. Original softcover. Excellent condition. [Oxford World’s Classics].

Includes: Introduction / Textual Note / Bibliography / Chronology / Explanatory Notes / Glossary

Kate Chopin was one of the most individual and adventurous of nineteenth-century american writers, whose fiction explored new and often startling territory. When her most famous story, The Awakening, was first published in 1899, it stunned readers with its frank portrayal of the inner word of Edna Pontellier, and its daring criticisms of the limits of marriage and motherhood. The subtle beauty of her writing was contrasted with her unwomanly and sordid subject-matter: Edna’s rejection of her domestic role, and her passionate quest for spiritual, sexual, and artistic freedom. From her first stories, Chopin was interested in independent characters who challenged convention. This selection, freshly edited form the first printing of each text, enables readers to follow her unfolding career as she experimented with a broad range of writing, from tales for children to decadent fin-de siecle sketches. The Awakening is set alongside thirty-two short stories, illustrating the spectrum of the fiction from her first published stories to her1898 secret masterpiece, ‘The Storm’. [From jacket notes]

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, American Authors, American Literature, classics, Short Stories

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Dickens, Christmas Books. Dickens, Charles. Christmas Books. London, Paul Elek Limited, 1960. 12.5 x 18.5cm. 254 pages, with illustrations from engravings. Original softcover. Fair condition with some signs of external wear. [Bestseller Library].

In these stories, written specifically for Christmas, Dickens combines his concern for social ills with the myths and memories of childhood and traditional seasonal lore. A Christmas Carol, the first of the selection, has become a touchstone of English festive fiction and an enduring favourite internationally. Repeatedly adapted, parodied, staged and filmed, this richly influential tale is powerfully vivid and moving. The other stories, The Chimes and The Cricket on the Hearth, blend whimsy, sentiment, comedy, satire, the didactic and the fantastic, developing resourcefully the theme of individual and social regeneration.

Keywords: 19th Century Literature, Charles Dickens, Christmas, English Authors, English Literature, Fiction, Literature

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Dostoyevsky / Banine (Translator) / Joly, La Femme D'un Autre ou le mari sous le lit. Dostoyevsky / Banine (Translator) / Joly, Louis (Illustrator). La Femme D’un Autre ou le mari sous le lit. Paris, Julliard Sequana, 1945. 12.5 cm x 17 cm. 87 pages. Original softcover. Very good condition with signs of external wear. Slight tear to lower and top spine and edges of cover. Some stronger spotting on cover. Slight tear on inside of back cover. Small section of front endpage missing. Inscription by preowner.

“The story originated from two separate pieces: “Another Man’s Wife” and “A Jealous Husband” (published in 1848 in the journal “Notes of the Fatherland”). In preparing the 1859 two-volume collected works, the writer combined both in one story – “Another Man’s Wife and the husband under the bed.” The first part only slightly changed certain lines, while the second part is more significantly altered.

In his story, Dostoevsky utilized some techniques of the vaudeville genre, in particular the construction of the dialogues, replete with puns. The title of the story, too, resembles popular titles of the vaudeville 1830-1840s (e.g., Fyodor Koni’s 1834 “Husband in the Fire, While His Wife On a Visit”). Dostoevsky continued to use these techniques in future works (for example, in “Uncle’s Dream”). Subsequently, Dostoevsky gave a different, deeply psychological interpretation of the theme of the deceived husband, in the story The Eternal Husband (1870).” (Wikipedia).

Keywords: 19th Century, 19th Century Literature, Short Stories

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