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Barker, London 2000 Years of a City and its people. Barker, Felix (editor) Jackson, Peter (editor) London: 2000 Years of a City and its People. London, Papermac, 1983. 24 cm x 30.5 cm. 379 pages, including many illustrations. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes the following chapters: London from the beginning / London of the Guilds / Tudor London / Elizabethan London / Stuart London / Georgian London / Regency London / Victorian London / Twentieth Century London / Sources of Illustration / Index.

″This beautifully illustrated book is the history of the world’s greatest city and its people. It traces the development of London through the ages: the first rough dwellings on the Thames marshes in the first century A.D.; the city of the Norman Kings, the guilds and the Tudors; the London of Wren, the great Regency developers and the stately Victorians; and the sprawling, many-faced city of today. Here is the vast, unique pageant of London’s life; from the great Royal occasion to the tragedies of fire and plague; from conspiracies and rebellions to fairs and pleasure gardens. And here is the life of the city through the eyes of contemporary writers, artists, actors and musicians, recording, applauding and sometimes despairing of the London they knew.” (Publisher)

Keywords: guilds, London, Norman Kings, Tudors

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Boswell, Boswell's London Journal 1762 - 1763. Boswell, James. Boswell’s London Journal 1762 – 1763. As first published in 1950 from the original MSS. Prepared for the press, with introduction and notes, by Frederick A. Pottle, Sterling Professor of English, Yale University. London, The Reprint Society London, 1952. 13.5 cm x 20 cm. XII, 360 pages, including maps. Original Hardcover. Very good condition with minor signs of external wear. Slight browning of the pages. Clean inside. Solid binding.

Includes for example the following essays: Publishers’ Note / Introduction by Frederick A. Pottle / Text of Boswell’s London Journal 1762 – 1763 / Appendix I / Appendix II / Index.

″The Boswell Papers are the largest and most important find of English literary manuscripts ever made. They not only enormously enrich our knowledge of James Boswell, but also add much about Johnson and his circle, about Boswell’s other contemporaries, and about life and events in the whole second half of the eighteenth century.” (Publisher’s Note)

Keywords: 1761, 18th Century, 1950s, English Literary, Journal, London, Manuscripts, Map of London

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[Carnan, An historical account of the curiosities of London and Westminster, in three parts [Carnan, Thomas] Anonymous. An historical account of the curiosities of London and Westminster, in three parts. Part I. Contains a full description of the Tower of London, and every thing curious in and belonging to it. Part II. Contains the history of Westminster-Abbey, from its foundation to the present time ; with its antiquities, tombs, and inscriptions. Part III. Treats of the old cathedral of St. Paul’s and the new ; together with a full account of the Monument, London-Stone, the City-wall, gates, and other antique [Roman] remains. First Edition with three separate titlepages. London, Printed for Thomas Carnan, 1785 – 1788. Small Octavo. IV, 64, IV, 139, [5 p. Index], 56 pages. Hardcover / Original half-parchment with marbled paper-covered boards. Binding with some stronger signs of wearMarbled paper loosening but the binding and spine firm. Overall still in very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Name of preowner Mary Gray written in ink on titlepages.

Keywords: 18th Century, Architecture, English Architecture, English History, London, Tourism

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Clout, The Times History of London. Clout, Hugh The Times History of London. London, Harper Collins Publishers, 2004. 24 cm x 31 cm. 192 pages. Original Hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar. Excellent condition with only very minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following chapters: Land under London / London’s geology / London from 450,000 BC – DC / The Thames before the Romans / Roman London / Anglo-Saxon and Norman London / Medieval London / Tudor and Stuart London / Georgian London / Victorian London / London between the Wars / Post-War London / London Themes / Places in London.

“This Book is a visual celebration of two thousand years of urban settlement. The history of London is traced from Roman times, through many centuries of political and commercial greatness, reaching their pinnacle in the Victorian era, to the presernt when London is confronted by new challenges in a rapidly changing world.After an introduction on the physical resources of the London region, successive chapters are arranged in a conventional chronological way, with the exception of the last two, which concentrate on themes and places in the metropolis.” (from Introduction)

Keywords: Architecture, Basilica, British Empire, London, London Bridge, parliamentary, Politics, Romans, St Katharine's Hospital, St Thomas's Hospital, Thames, Vikings, Westminster Abbey

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Cudlipp, Publish And Be Damned! The Astonishing Story of The Daily Mirror. Cudlipp, Hugh. Publish And Be Damned ! The Astonishing Story of The Daily Mirror. London, Andrew Dakers Limited, 1953. 14 x 22cm. (11), 292 pages, with black and white photograph plates and illustrations. Original hardcover with illustrated endpapers. Some mild signs of wear to boards and spine, including stains and bumping. Internally in very good condition.

Hugh Cudlipp was a towering figure in popular journalism, masterminding the editorial formula that made the Daily Mirror of the 1950s and 60s not only the nation’s best-selling daily national paper but one with real social and political clout. Cudlipp never edited the Mirror. But, as editorial director, he pulled the strings. He was the inspiration behind the whole concept, the design, the campaigns, the promotional stunts and the gimmicks that involved reader participation. He also wrote many of its iconic headlines. He was appointed as editorial director of Mirror Group in 1952. He was so sure of himself, and of the Mirror’s status, that just a year later he wrote a history of the paper and, for the title, borrowed Wellington’s famous quote to a former mistress who threatened to publish his love-letters to her: “Publish and be damned!” It is a text all journalists should read because it explains the nature of newspaper populism. [Roy Greenslade, The Guardian]

Keywords: England, English History, Journalism, London, Media, Newspaper

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Davison, London's Hurricane. Davison, Mark / Currie, Ian. London’s Hurricane. London, Froglets Publications, 1989. 27 cm x 22 cm. 128 pages including many photographs. Original Hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes for example the following sections: Great Storm of October 16, 1987 / Windy in Wandsworth / Storm Guide to the London Boroughs / London in 1706 / Michael Fish was not to blame / Horror in Holland Park etc.

″An account of the night of the great storm, October 16 1987, the most destructive day the capital had known since the Blitz. The book is a photographic historical record of a meteorological event that closed the Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, City offices and schools.” (Amazon)

Keywords: 18th Century Maps, 20th century, Hurricane, London, Photography

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Edmonds, Jabez Nutyard. Edmonds, Mrs.[Elizabeth Mayhew]. Jabez Nutyard – Workman and Dreamer. A Novel. First Edition. London, Jarrold & Sons. no date (c. 1898). Octavo. 274 pages. Original, blindstamped Hardcover (dark green cloth with gilt lettering on spine). Near Fine, really excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear. Name, place and year of preowner on the endpaper. Very Rare. Scarce in this condition.

Includes for example the following chapters: Jabez Nutyard is in one of his moods / Oakfield Chace and Clare Downtown / A Poor Waif comes to Oakfield Chace / Clare Downtown invites Jabez Nutyard and his daughter to Oakfield Chace / The Firm of Mr. Noel Downtown and its History / The Iron – Works on the Bank of the Thames and the honoruable Angs Macilvaine / The Threatened Strike takes place / Mr. Downtown is summoned to London by his nephew /

Keywords: 19.Jahrhundert, 19th Century, 19th Century Literature, London

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Fiddes, The City of London: The Historic Square Mile. Fiddes, Angela / Frankl, Ernest. The City of London: The Historic Square Mile. Cambridge, Ernest Frankl and The Pevensey Press, 1984. 19 cm x 25 cm. 96 pages with photographs. Original softcover. Excellent condition with only minor signs of external wear.

Includes the following chapters: Preface / Part I: History / Part 2: Aspects of the City / Index.

″The City of London is a square mile, or to be precise 675 acres, at the centre of England’s capital. Its boundaries run from the Temple in the west to the Tower in the East and from the Thames northwards to the Barbican. Like Kensington, Westminister or Chelsea, it is an area with a very individual character. Yet there is something special about the City of London (or ‘the City’ as it is usually known), a combination of history and function that marks it out from London’s other communities.” (Preface)

Keywords: City, London, Photographs

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Fulford, Glyn's 1753-1953: Six Generations in Lombard Street. Fulford, Roger. Glyn’s 1753-1953: Six Generations in Lombard Street. London / New York, Macmillan & Co Ltd / St Martin’s Press, 1953. 14.5 cm x 22 cm. XVI, 267. Original Hardcover with dustjacket covered in protective collector’s mylar. Excellent condition with minor signs of external wear. Some browning of page edges. Slightly worn corners on cover. Inscription by preowner. Clean inside with solid binding.

Includes for example the following chapters: Messrs. Vere, Glyn and Hallifax / Sir Richard Carr Glyn / Mills’s and Hallifax’s / Bertram Wodehouse Currie / Appendix 1: Style of Bank from 1753 / Appendix 2: Stationery Bill for 1756 / Appendix 3: List of British Banks for whom Glyn’s were Agents etc.

Keywords: Banking, Economic history, Economics, London

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George, George, Sir Ernest. (1839-1922). “Bartholomew Close” / Old London. London, The Fine Art Society, 1884. Original Etching. 26 cm x 37 cm. Original, vintage etching by Sir Ernest George. Signed in the plate, not in pencil ! Only very faint signs of some foxing. Mounted, ready to be framed. With descriptive Letterpress by Ernest George (included is a wonderful historic explanation regarding this old location in London by Ernest George).

Sir Ernest George RA (13 Jun 1839–1922) was an English architect, landscape and architectural watercolour painter, and etcher.
His London office was once called “The Eton of architects’ offices”. His pupils included Herbert Baker, Guy Dawber, John Bradshaw Gass, Edwin Lutyens and Ethel Charles.
In the 1870s in partnership with Harold Peto, George designed houses in London for the Cadogan Estate in Chelsea and Kensington, and a number of country houses. In 1881 they designed Stoodleigh Court at Tiverton for Thomas Carew. In 1891 they designed an extension to West Dean House for William James, creating the Oak Room, now Oak Hall in West Dean College. Between 1870 and 1911 George designed several houses with his former pupil, Alfred B. Yeates. In New Zealand, which he never visited, he designed the Theomin family house Olveston in Dunedin which was built 1904-07. He was also responsible for the current Southwark Bridge (1921), and the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice in London’s Postman’s Park. He served as president of the Royal Institute of British Architects from 1908 to 1910. In the late 19th century, George trained Ethel Charles, the first woman to be elected a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. George’s residence at 17 Bartholomew St, London Borough of Southwark is commemorated with a Southwark Council blue plaque. (Wikipedia)

Keywords: Decorative Original Graphic, History of London, London, Old London, Original Art, Original Etching

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